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Ancient Egyptian Mummies and The Pharoh, Hatshepsut
How This Project Was Done


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For Mummy:
A barbie
Tolit Paper
Pencil (lead)
For Coffin:
Paper Bake Cups

First, you take the barbie and wrap it in tolit paper and make sure it is taped to her so it does'nt fall off..
Second, you draw her face and jewelry (if desired) on the tolit paper and/or the tape. Third, you tape on jewelry to the tolit paper and/or tape. Forth, set her aside and start the coffin. Fifth, make the coffin with cards a little bit bigger than the barbie. Sixth, tape the cards together. Seventh, tape the barbie to the coffin on the inside. Eighth, tape jewelry to the coffin on the inside. Ninth, tke the paper bake cups and outline them with the outside of the coffin. Tenth, tape the paper bake cups to the coffin. Eleventh, take two paper bake cups and form a flower with them (make as many flowers as there are corners) . Twelfth, tape the flowers in each corner of the coffin. Thriteenth, You are done!!