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Ancient Egyptian Mummies and The Pharoh, Hatshepsut


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Hashepsut is a girl but a Pharoh!!!Wandering how it happened well here is your answer!!
Her husband (which was Thutmose the second) died and there was no one else bassically to take over except for her stepson which she thinks is to young to take over as Pharoh. So, she claimed of divine birth which allowed her to become Pharoh. She became very regent for her stepson. As soon as she became Pharoh, she she starts to dress and act like a boy in public. In some of her statues she was shown with clothes of a male and she wore false beards. On other statues she was shown as a male in the front and a female in the back.. On others she was gradually shown as a male (fully).She was the daughter of Thutmose the first, the wife of Thutmose the second, and the mother of Thutmose the third. She claimed to be the god's wife and daughter of Re. She ruled from the years C1498-1483B.C. After about 15-20 years of rule she dissappeared..The scientists think that she might have been murdered.. Also, Hatshepsut was buried in the Valley of Kings!!! How weird is that!!!