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Ancient Egyptian Mummies and The Pharoh, Hatshepsut
Ancient Egyptian Mummies


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A mummy is the body of a person (or animal) that has been preserved after death.
When we die all of our liquids in our bodies are drained out and then we are properly dressed,
we are put in a coffin, and properly buried in the ground in a graveyard.

Mummies are made naturally or by embalming, which is any process that people use to help
preserve a dead body. Mummies are usually dried out by extreme cold, the sun or, smoke. Some
mummies became mummies because their bodies were in natural conditions when they had died.
Other mummies were preserved and buried with great care.

The Ancient Egyptians beleived that mummifying a person's body after they died was to get that
person to the AFTERLIFE.


Mummification took a very long time and costed alot of money in Ancient Egypt. From beginning
to end, it took about 70 days to embalm a body.The Egyptians believed that there was an AFTER-
LIFE, so their people were mummified and buried as best as they could bury them. People who
were in a very high-ranking place like officials, priests, and other people who had served the
pharoh and his wife had fairly complicated burials.The pharohs, were beleived to become gods
when they died, had the best burials.

The art of Egyptian Mummification consisted of many steps:
First, the body was washed and ritually purified.
Second, was to remove the dead person's inner organs.
Third, the organs were individually wraped using long strips or linen and placed in canopic jars.
Forth, the body captivity was stuffed with natron.
Fifth, the body was then placed on a slanted embalming table and completely coved with natron.
Sixth, the mummy was prepared for bandaging.
Seventh, it was time for the funeral.
What alot of steps!!!